Junior Tennis Schedule




Fall 2018 August 13 - October 21 (10 weeks)

Winter 2018 (Session 1) October 22 - December 30 (10 weeks)

Winter 2019 (Session 2) January 2 - March 3 (10 weeks)

Spring 2019 March 4 - June 2 (13 weeks)

Summer 2019 June 3 - August 11 (10 weeks)

Fall 2019 August 12 - October 20 (10 weeks)

Winter 2019 (Session 1) October 21 - December 29 (10 weeks)


Full Payment due at registration.  Four students must be signed up for a specific class time to be held.  You will be contacted by the Tennis Director if the class you have registered for is cancelled or moved to another day/time.  

Tiny Aces     (Ages under 8)      

This class is designed to INTRODUCE students to tennis. We focus on hand-eye coordination and the basic strokes, as well as games, sportsmanship, and FUN.  Children who start tennis early are at a greater advantage because they develop good habits and skills.

Aces 1     

Aces 1 is for beginners over 8 years old and provides the opportunity to learn and practice BASIC tennis skills.  We focus on the fundamentals of the game;  forehand, backhand, volley, serve, overhead, scoring and sportsmanship. 

Aces 2

This program is for the advanced beginner player and more challenging drills and advanced strokes are introduced.  These youngsters have more experience and playing consistency.  Fundamentals of the game are still the main focus along with a little competition.


Area’s BEST                  

This is our MOST ADVANCED class for serious competitive players, most of whom have an MITA ranking and play varsity high school tennis.  Students must be among the VERY BEST in the area with class eligibility and enrollment only upon Ross’ permission. 


Junior Davis       

This program is for intermediate players with a solid grasp of the basic strokes, who are ready for more advanced strategies and drill work.  The goal of this class is to begin preparing juniors for tournaments and high school level tennis. 


Junior Davis Elite            

This class is for serious advanced-intermediate junior players wanting to play competitive varsity tennis.  These youngsters are expected to play tournaments and are our future stars.  They should be close to mastering the basics and will be drilled extensively on very advanced strokes.